Irresistible Reasons to Have a Website for Your Business

In just 10 years, humans have embraced the digital trend with a massive online presence globally. So, if you are running a business, then there are numerous reasons to have a website for your business to cope with this digital world.

If you really want your business to grow and generate good revenue, then having a website is the most basic requirement these days. You cannot afford to not having a website.

Don’t believe me? Check the following reasons which elaborate why your business needs a beautiful and SEO friendly website.

1. Leveling up the Competition

May be you won’t believe but your business competitors have already built their websites or they are definitely thinking to.

Check the following chart from which shows how the number of websites increased from millions to billions in just few years.

Infographic: How Many Websites Are There? | Statista

You can also track live increment of websites at Internet Live Stats. You will be amazed to see that every second a new website gets online.

The crowd is increasing every minute to cross 2 billion any day. Don’t sit behind and loose the opportunities and watch your competitors grab numerous money making opportunities.

2. Maintain Reputation in the Market

These days, whenever people hear of any business, the first thing that they do is to visit their website.

In case if they don’t find a website for their business, they think of that business as incapable or fraud.

But when your business is available online with all the necessary details, it increases your business reputation in people’s perception.

The chances of interaction with your prospects increases this way as there is a sense of belief already developed in their mind because of your business website.

3. Liberty to Showcase and Describe

If your business has a website, it gives you the liberty to describe your business products and services in a detailed way.

You can add appropriate images, videos, audios and text according to your wish. Not just this, a website allows you to build a project portfolio and client list to show your prospects.

You can publish your own blogs whenever and however you want. Also, you will have the liberty to make any changes in the website however and whenever you want.

4. Saves a Lot of Your Precious Time

Without a business website, when someone calls you by getting your number from social media platforms or any business directory, you will have to invest a lot of time to explain your products and services.

Now just imagine the situation when you narrated the whole story of your business, trying to catch your breath in-between, what if the prospects tell you to repeat the whole story again as they did not understand?

You might become a hypertension patient with the chaos in your mind.

Having a website not only saves you from all these troubles but also saves a lot of your time which you can invest on some other tasks.

5. Decrease the Dependency on Social Media

Many business owners give a reason of not having a website that they already have a page or profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

But they don’t understand that their social media profiles and pages are not their property. These social media platforms can remove or disable your business page and profile any time.

Sometimes, they won’t even feel to at least give a reason for profile or page removal. And what if the social media platform itself gets closed one day?

Will you be able to do anything? No, because it’s on their website not yours.

Having own website prevents your business from getting offline and detached with your customers and prospects. Thus, it can protect your business from sudden loss in many ways.

6. Answer General Questions Through FAQ

Apart from the services and product details, there are so many other basic and general questions that people tend to ask while inquiring about your business.

Like company certifications, service areas, mode of online payments, business hours, etc.

If you create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section in your website, then a lot of time will be saved. Also, people can see it as many times as they want in case they forgot anything.

7. Remove the Fear of Disappearance from Market

Due to some reasons, suppose your business is shifted to some other place.

Without a business website, your old customers are already left at the old location, and your business is definitely unknown at the new location.

There will be a clear low business season for few months or weeks at least, until people start recognizing your business at the new place.

Your old customers will be able to know only through advertisement on newspapers or word-of-mouth marketing.

Though, this problem can be solved through social media, but still the trust is not there completely, as such posts tend to disappear in feeds in very short times.

No one will like to scroll and get back to the post two or three months back to know about your new business location. 

In your business website you can mention it clearly that your business is shifting to a new location from a particular date.

You can add the new address as well. In this way, your prospects can directly come to your new business location without any hustle.

8. Get Traffic Directly from Search Engines

It is next to impossible that as a business owner, you have not heard the name of Google. In a layman language, when you search something on Google, it gives you a list of few websites.

The top 10 websites that appear when you search for something get a lot of traffic, means a lot of people visit these websites.

Without a website, your business is losing a lot of money making opportunities generated through Google, and your competitors are getting rich day by day.

So by getting a website built for your business can help you appear on the first page of Google when someone searches for services and products related to your business.

The process of getting a website on the first page of Google is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There are a lot of companies which provides SEO Services at affordable rates; you just need to get in touch with them with your website and requirement.

9. Conversion Chances from Prospects to Customers Are High

Suppose if someone visits your website through Google, Facebook or directly, then this is a clear indication that the person has interest in your service or product.

Through the website they can check your product and service again and again, without getting disturbed as it happens in offline businesses.

Now after this, if they get in touch with you, there is a very good chance that they will buy your service or product because half of the trust has been already developed through your website.

The rest of the job has already become easier for your sales team to convert that prospect into a customer.

10. Helps to attract local customers

Not just the businesses, but other people also want to save their time. Even the local people search for services and products online before they make a visit. It saves their time.

Also, if someone is new to your location and looking for services related to your business, they will trust your business more because of the details that you have provided in your website.

You can also provide discount coupons through your website for those who visit your business location to buy your product or service.

And when these people arrive at your business location and get good service and behavior, there is a fair chance of spreading good reviews about your business.

In this way you can build a loyal customer base which will protect your business from false reviews. You can also achieve good online local reach with the help of local SEO.

Many online marketing agencies provide local SEO services to help businesses grow locally.

11. Understand Your Customers in a Better Way

In this digital age, for a fruitful business, understanding your customers has become the most important thing.

This could be done in many ways. You can check the analytics of your website about users’ behavior. Are the visitors staying on your website or they just leave soon?

If visiting, then how long? Which pages attract more visitors, which doesn’t? Are they getting the information that they want?

You can check the search phrases, which users type in Google before they arrive on your website, and analyze where improvement is needed through analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

There are other ways too. Like you can send emails to your customers with questionnaires about your business or ask to give reviews through social media channels.

But these things come only after your business has become trustworthy, and at least in today’s world, this cannot happen without a website.

You can even integrate a questionnaire section in your website where visitors can input their thoughts without any hesitation.

12. Integrate Your Social Media Audience

Having a website does not only increase your business growth but also increases your social media audience.

Suppose, you created a Facebook page for your business. But, after some days, someone else also created a Facebook page with the same name and claims to be the original one.

How will you defend your page? By having a business website, you can easily tackle this issue by adding your Facebook page link in your website.

This means no matter how many face pages someone makes for your business, the original is already integrated in your website.

In this way, whenever someone wants to connect with your business on Facebook, they don’t need to get confused by the fake pages, they can connect directly through the Facebook page link in your website.

You can do this for all other social media platforms as well like Instagram and Twitter.

This is necessary to do until you are a celebrity or a big brand name, as they get a verification badge of authenticity from the social media platforms.

Also, there is another important benefit of integrating your social media links in your website.

Suppose, if someone arrives at your website to find the Facebook page link, there is a good chance that the person will also connect on Instagram, Twitter and other social pages as well.

13. Sell Online

Here comes the biggest reason. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many more websites like these sell products online worth millions of dollars every month.

If your business has some products to sell, then you can easily sell your products, not just locally, but nationally and internationally.

Businesses have working hours, but people don’t have buying hours. They like to buy anywhere, anytime. A website with online store serves this purpose for your business.

The situation becomes extremely easy and important if you have some digital products like eBooks, courses, images, software, audios and videos.

Integrating a payment gateway can help your business in collecting money directly through your website, where both – you and your customer, don’t need to go anywhere.

Collection of funds and donation online is also a very good example to show the benefit of having a website.


A website isn’t just a show off thing now, it has become an important way of identification for any business.

Above mentioned reasons to have a website for your business clearly tells how important it is to build a trust in the market and customer base.

There is absolutely no reason which holds your business behind from getting a website designed for it. If there is any, then it is clearly an excuse.

Getting a website built is also affordable these days due to technology evolution.

So what’s holding you back? Get in touch with us now to get a beautiful and SEO friendly website built at affordable rates.