13 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Business

The most common perception among small businesses is that digital marketing is not for them. Many of them are not able to foresee the benefits and reasons why Digital Marketing is important for small businesses.

Some of them consider investing on digital marketing as waste of money, since their business is already running smoothly.

Big businesses have already embraced the digital strategies as they are aware of the bigger picture of market and upcoming challenges on the way to growth.

So, for the small businesses, here we are with certain important points that will change your perception towards digital marketing and its benefits for small businesses.

1. Prospects and Competitors Are Online

Ever since the smartphones have been introduced, their sales have been boomed across the world. The main reason behind this is the ease of internet usage they provide.

You can do almost all the things in smartphones which required a desktop or laptop earlier. So, the number of internet users have increased drastically in just few years.

So it has become important for small businesses to apply the digital marketing strategies to reach their prospects more efficiently.

And you cannot afford to ignore this as your competitors are already marketing digitally. So, very soon, your business will see a customer loss as your competitors are attracting them.

One of the best way to start with digital marketing is by getting a business website built without any delay.

2. Business Listing Makes Customer Journey Easier

Even if you start adding your business to local directories or business listing websites, it can help your business generate more leads that before.

One of the best example of this is ‘Google My Business’. It allows your customers to find your business online whenever someone searches your services in your location or city.

Also, your customers can leave their reviews about your business there, which can increase the trust and reputation of your business.

Business listings makes your customers to find your business address and contact details without any problem.

Few more popular business listing sites are Just Dial, Yellow Pages, Trivago, Trip Advisor, Bing Places, Glassdoor, etc.

3. Opportunity to Share Knowledge Through Blogs

People like to buy service or product from businesses who have deep knowledge and experience. You can do this easily by writing blogs related to your business.

Blogs are piece of content which helps your business to share its experience, ideas and tips to their customers and prospects.

Now, just think of a situation where your business have people with good expertise and knowledge.

You cannot tell your prospects to come to your office or shop to hear your business stories and experiences.

In this way, that person might get irritated and never see your business again. Allow your prospects to read about your business through internet, whenever they want.

Writing blogs also helps your business to reach to many more people which you may have never imagined.

4. Cost Effectiveness

It’s not necessary to invest a lot of money in digital marketing. Your business can do better than right now with low investment too.

In the amount of money required to advertise a single day in the newspapers, you can advertise digitally 10 days, or even more than that.

You will be able to make profits more than your expectation with an affordable investment through digital advertisements on social media platforms and websites.

There are various forms of digital marketing like SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, PPC, Video Ads, Display Ads, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

You just need to discuss your requirement with a good digital marketing agency, they will craft cost effective and fruitful digital marketing strategies for you.

5. Engagement with Customers and Prospects Through Social Media

Billions of people spend many hours on social media these days.

So it is the best way to get their attention through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by creating engaging and helpful posts.

These days, for any query, people love to reach businesses through their social media pages, rather than sending emails or making calls.

If your business is able keep its followers happy through good social media engagement by solving their problems there itself, your business will see the positive results it never had.

For promoting your service and products, social media is a great platform for paid advertising as well which has shown very fruitful results for many businesses.

6. Easy to Build Email List of Trusted Audience

Having a database of customers and prospects with their emails will be a boon for your business.

By running email campaigns for your business, your business can reach its prospects and existing customers directly through emails.

It ensures your reach to them. If the content and copywriting is good in the email, the chances of selling products and services increases at a high level.

There are many ways to collect emails. You can offer your customers useful eBooks, free blog subscription, social media group invitation, etc.

In case you have the mobile numbers of your prospects, then you can take your business to a next level with digital marketing.

7. Easy to Target Selected Audience for Higher Conversions

You can reach your prospects through emails and mobile numbers. Or you can use these details to reach them through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

In digital marketing, a business can also reach people based on their location, age, gender, education, job profiles, interests, travel history, etc.

You can also target people at a particular date and time, specifically in mobile, laptops and tablets.

There are no such facilities in traditional marketing to target your audience on specific criteria.

You don’t even know whether people are viewing the ads in newspapers or not.

But, in Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing, you will be able to know who saw your ads and what action they took further.

Just think, if the engagement rate is so good in digital marketing, how good the conversion and sales will be. You will be amazed to fall in love with digital marketing.

8. Know More About the Target Audience

Digital marketing allows your business to keep a record of customers and prospects. You will be able to know the behaviors and interests of your prospects.

Like whether your prospects like to interact more on mobile or laptop? After how many days on average, a sale is happening? After which email, people bought your service or product?

Are they studying or working? Which profession or business they are in? What’s their age? In which city they live in?

One of the best way to take valuable information from people is through questionnaires by emails, social media or website.

The better you know your prospects, the better your business will be able to serve them.

9. Retargeting and Remarketing Through Social Media and Emails

Well there are just few differences in the strategies of retargeting and remarketing, but the goal of both of them is the same – to sell to people who have shown interest but have not purchased yet.

Like, when you go to amazon’s website and search for running shoes and you exit the website after checking some shoes.

Now when you visit other websites, you see the ads of ‘running shoes’ from amazon. You also start seeing the ‘running shoes’ ads on Facebook and Instagram.

In this way, the chances of you buying the shoes increases. One other form of this kind marketing you see in your emails.

Like, you had added the ‘running shoes’ in the cart of amazon, but you closed the website due to some reason.

The same day or the next day, you receive an email from amazon which tells you to complete the transaction and buy the ‘running shoes’ that you added in the cart.

Sometimes, they also give discount codes in the email to motivate you to buy the product. You don’t get this fruitful marketing strategies in traditional marketing.

These are some of the ways to reach your prospects again and reminding them to buy your product or service.

10. Attract Customers from Other Cities, States and Countries

Few years ago, only medium and large scale businesses were able to sell their products and services in other cities, states and countries.

Because at that time, it required a big marketing and advertising budget. It also required a good human resource for marketing, advertising and networking.

There were so many barriers like this for small businesses to sell or market outside the local place. Digital marketing has demolished all these barriers for small businesses.

Now, with the help of a good business website, social media platforms and effective marketing strategies, small businesses can sell their services and products nationally and even internationally.

Spending a hefty amount of money on marketing, advertising and human resource is not mandatory these days, as digital marketing has introduced many cost effective strategies, which allows small businesses to think out of the box.

11. Helps in Defining Improved Business Goals

Few years ago, fascinating terms like revenue, objectives, business goals, business model, milestones, buying process and conversions were only meant for large and some medium scale businesses.

Small businesses didn’t even cared about their business name. Their only business goal was to survive in the market.

But now, since digital marketing has opened good money making opportunities for small businesses too, you can plan for business goals with so many improvements.

Prospects’ and customers’ data is the main criteria behind this.

Digital marketing allows you to utilize the gathered data to make various custom audiences and make dedicated marketing strategies for them.

In this way, when you implement digital marketing and see profitable results in your small business, your vision gets clearer about the scope of your business growth.

So, undoubtedly your upcoming business goals is more improved from the past.

12. Most of the Tools Are Free

The reason behind digital marketing being extremely cost effective as compared to traditional marketing, is the availability of some free or affordable online tools.

For example – Google Search Engine is free to use, Google Search Console, Analytics and Tag Manager are free. Business listings like Google My Business and Bing Places are free.

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media platforms are free. Graphic designing tools like Canva is free.

Though some of them have their premium versions also, but for small businesses, they rarely need the premium version or paid subscriptions.

The free version is enough to uplift their business. In digital marketing, most of the times, small businesses have to pay only for the efforts and strategies made for their marketing plan.

Now, even you want to buy some premium tools, you get a free trial period. So, before buying that tool, you can use the free trial to analyze whether the tool meets your expectations or not.

If you don’t find the tool useful in the trial period, you will save your money from being wasted. There is no such provision of free tools or free trials in traditional marketing.

You will have to pay whether your business meets the desired results or not.

13. Makes Your Business Future-Proof

No doubt the future belongs to the businesses who will accept the digital trend and implement the marketing strategies accordingly.

So, if you are still holding back your business from getting digital, in future it will be extremely difficult grow your business until you invest a lot of money.

If you start to invest small and regularly in digital marketing, it will make your business future-proof. Your business will grow smoothly and profitably.

If your business provides good services and products, then through digital marketing, it might get more recognition and become a brand name in small time with less investment.

This will help your business to make a reputation in the market among the people and competitors.


There are two things mainly – your business grows or remains small.

If your business is not growing that means either your business is suffering through losses or your competitors growing, thus attracting our customers to them.

Being a business owner, if you want your business to grow, then at least you will have to match the level of the competition.

Digital marketing helps your business not only level up your competitors, but also make a unique brand name with the cost effective marketing strategies.

And, in case if your business vision and ambition is big, then at current scenario, it is not impossible to take your business to big heights without investing a huge amount.

There are so many benefits of digital marketing for small businesses that you cannot afford to ignore this at any point of your business.

So, if you have a small business and you want to take it to another level, then get in touch with us now to discuss the digital marketing requirements and strategies for your business.